When might auction finance be the right option?

28th April 2021

In the second of our guest blogs from Together we’re going to take a closer look at exactly which situations might call for auction finance. In our first blog, we explained some of the reasons why auction finance might be…

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How to find out who owns a property

26th April 2021

When it comes to the task of finding out the owner of a property or a piece of land in the UK, the process is significantly easier and more straightforward than you might think. There’s no need to fill out…

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Why sellers in Oldham trust SDL Property Auctions to get the best results

22nd April 2021

Having spent 15 years working in the property industry in this area, Andy Thompson, Head of Auctions North West has the experience and expertise to recognise a buy-to-let hotspot when he sees one. Here he explains why Oldham is so…

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Homeowners beat the stamp duty holiday deadline with auction sales

20th April 2021

SDL Property Auctions is experiencing an influx of enquiries from sellers of houses in the £250,000-£500,000 price bracket, as they realise auction is the most realistic way of beating the stamp duty holiday deadline.  The National Property Auction on Thursday…

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Estate agents: TWO ways your sellers can still beat that stamp duty deadline

19th April 2021

One of the hottest property topics of the past few months has been the stamp duty holiday, with estate agents working hard to help both buyers and sellers beat the deadline.  If you’re an estate agent with clients selling a…

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Don’t miss this rare opportunity to live in one of Chigwell’s most exclusive addresses

15th April 2021

As one of Chigwell’s most exclusive addresses, it’s rare to find any property for sale in Stradbroke Drive, let alone one for less than £2 million. So auctioneers are excited about the sale of 60 Stradbroke Drive in Chigwell, a…

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How to get finance for an auction property

14th April 2021

In this article, the first in a series of guest blogs from our auction finance partner Together, we explain what auction finance is and how it can be useful for all types of auction purchaser. Buying a property by auction…

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SDL Property Auctions’ March sales are up by 184%

12th April 2021

SDL Property Auctions has just completed its most successful March ever, raising more than £28.8 million for sellers – an 184% increase on March 2020.  This impressive figure was raised through a combination of live-streamed Auction Events, Timed Auctions and Buy It Now sales. By…

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Auctioneer says castle buyer will be walking on air

1st April 2021

SDL Property Auctions’ growth over the past year and market-leading reputation has led to a once-in-a lifetime sales opportunity to sell one of the nation’s most distinctive and unusual properties.  In the ultimate property auction, the UK’s leading live-streamed property…

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The Monopoly board with real house prices 2021

30th March 2021

Of course, it’s not exactly breaking news that house prices in London are expensive when compared to the rest of the UK. Iconic postcodes in particular can attract a premium, and there are few areas in London more iconic than…

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A beginners guide to buy-to-let property

24th March 2021

Investing your money into property with the intention of becoming a landlord can be as risky as it is appealing. There are many things to consider, with everything from which type of property to purchase to how to go about…

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Tips for selling a tenanted property

22nd March 2021

When it comes to selling a buy-to-let property, either by auction or on the open property market, there are two primary ways to sell; tenanted and vacant. Unsurprisingly, the most common method of selling is vacant, but that’s not to…

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