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Our timed property auctions see lots auctioned every day of the year, with the start date suited to the seller of the property. These lots are available to bid on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, up until the auction close date. This means that you’re able to adjust your bid accordingly if you’re outbid, stop bidding if the price begins to exceed your budget, and watch the progress of the auction as it plays out. 

Designed with flexibility in mind, our timed property auctions provide more freedom than alternative selling routes for both the seller and any interested buyers. With complete transparency in real time, both parties are free to see the current leading bid, the sale deadline and detailed information about the listing to help them make an informed decision. Additional information is also available on all of our timed auction lots, including the legal pack and advice from our auctioneers on how to place a bid. If you still have questions however, you can contact us directly from the listing page of the lot you’re interested in. 

Featuring properties that are suited to a wide range of prospective buyers, including investors, entrepreneurs and homeowners looking for a new residential property, our timed auctions include a mix of unique and exciting lots available in a vast range of locations across the UK. Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell a property in one of our timed auctions, you can request a free sales valuation for your lot and our dedicated team will be in touch.