Sweepstake will support new mum Sara as SDL Property Auctions dominates the November auctions market

18th November 2021

A fundraising sweepstake will add an extra level of excitement to SDL Property Auctions’ National Property Auction this month as viewers are invited to guess the final selling price of the first three lots of the day.   SDL Property Auctions…

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SDL Property Auctions achieves outstanding results for commercial properties

4th November 2021

In another successful month of sales for SDL Property Auctions, it is the commercial property market which has seen some of the most impressive results.  Throughout the month, SDL Property Auctions has held daily Timed Auctions on its website as…

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Bumper month of auctions for SDL Property Auctions as lots span all four corners of the country

19th October 2021

A trio of live-streamed auctions featuring lots spanning all four corners of the country will bring another successful month for SDL Property Auctions to a close. From the north of Scotland down to the Devon coast, and stretching from Swansea…

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Landlords – what you need to know in 2021/22

13th October 2021

Landlord advice can be challenging to wade through and it can be even harder to keep up with all the changes to rules and regulations around letting property to tenants. According to the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), in 2021…

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How SDL Property Auctions is leading a property market revolution to normalise auctions

7th October 2021

Property buying and selling has been carried out in this country in much the same way for generations and Andrew Parker, Managing Director and Auctioneer at SDL Property Auctions, believes it’s time for change. Through a new partnership with Rightmove…

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Renting a property vs buying a property

5th October 2021

There are signs of the rental market bouncing back from the pandemic in autumn 2021, with a surplus of renters creating favourable market conditions for landlords, letting agents and property developers. Demand for rental properties has never been higher, according…

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SDL Property Auctions enjoys a September of celebrations as market remains as strong as ever

4th October 2021

SDL Property Auctions has many reasons to celebrate after a spectacular September of sales which saw it hold the biggest live-streamed auction in the UK for the second month running – and reach the shortlist in two prestigious Negotiator Awards…

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Benefits of estate agents partnering with an auctioneer

30th September 2021

Overworked estate agents can ease their workloads, generate more income and offer great customer service by partnering with an auctioneer – a trend which has grown rapidly in 2020 and 2021 amid the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. At SDL…

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How TV property shows don’t give the full auctions picture

27th September 2021

By Andrew Parker, Managing Director and Auctioneer, SDL Property Auctions This feature appeared on propertyinvestortoday.co.uk. To read the full article click here. The nation’s TV viewers just can’t get enough of property shows and I confess that we at SDL…

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How the rise in partnership working is breaking down business silos

23rd September 2021

Andrew Parker, Managing Director and Auctioneer at SDL Property Auctions, welcomes a new age of partnership, as property businesses reject the idea of business silos in favour of collaborative working. This feature was published on the negotiator.co.uk. To see the…

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Paying council tax on empty homes

22nd September 2021

Are you paying council tax on an empty home? Owning a vacant property can cause the expenses to build up, and one of the biggest costs can be the council tax, particularly if the home has been standing empty for…

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SDL Property Auctions dominates the market with UK’s largest live-streamed September auction

20th September 2021

SDL Property Auctions continues to dominate the auctions scene with another record-breaking National Property Auction this month.  After topping the table for the biggest UK August property auction for two years running, SDL Property Auctions is now holding the country’s…

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