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A guide to auction property viewings

There aren’t many people who would make a blind purchase on a property, nor would we recommend it. Despite the fast-paced and exciting nature of a property auction, a decision to place a bid should not be rushed and extensive research should be carried out on properties of interest. You can do this by requesting a viewing of your chosen lot. After all, if your bid is successful, depending on the sale type, you may be legally bound to the sale, so you should know exactly what you’re getting.

If you have never attended a viewing for an auction property before, or have but want to know more about the viewing process we have in place here at SDL Property Auctions, we’re here to share all the information you need to prepare. The process may differ slightly from an estate agent viewing or other property auctioneers so, if you’re interested in purchasing a property by auction, keep reading as we take you through the different viewing options available with us. 

Can you view an auction property?

Much like the open market, our auction properties are also available to view, meaning you don’t have to solely rely on pictures before you commit to bidding. Auctioneers highly recommend booking a viewing to get a full picture of the property and see whether any extra work will be required. Alternatively, some properties may not need any repair work but a viewing will still allow you to assess whether the lot is right for you and your needs.

At SDL Property Auctions, we make every effort to ensure that all of our auction properties are available to view, however, in some instances, this might not be possible. Usually, this happens because a lot is tenanted, in a difficult location or in a state of disrepair and poses any danger or lacks adequate safety provisions, it isn’t likely that you’ll be able to get a viewing to protect both yourself and the accompanied viewer showing the property. In such situations, however, we have alternative viewing options available so that you should never enter a bid blind.

How to arrange a viewing

When it comes to property auctions, there are a few different types of viewings available. We’ve highlighted these options below so that you know what to expect when it comes to arranging a date and time.

In-person viewings

This is our preferred viewing method as it allows you to see exactly what the property is like and ask any questions you have. Booking a viewing with us is simple, once you’ve found a lot you’re interested in, simply click the ‘book viewing’ button and fill out the form. After you’ve selected a date and time, or requested one, one of our team will be in touch to confirm your viewing, and you’ll be greeted by our accompanied viewer on the day.

Virtual viewings

Virtual viewings are something that SDL Property Auctions offers on many of our lots. This is a viewing that can be done remotely from your home using your laptop, computer, or mobile device. Simply click the ‘virtual viewing’ button and you’ll be taken straight to the uploaded footage without needing to book a date or time with the auctioneer. 

In the case that a virtual viewing isn’t available, the button on the listing will state ‘request viewing’ or ‘book viewing’ which will prompt you to contact us in regards to arranging a suitable date and time for an in-person viewing.

Timed Auctions

Many of our Timed Auctions are operated in collaboration with an estate agent who should be your first point of contact to arrange a viewing. Their contact details should be available in the property listing. If you have any issues, you can contact our dedicated team with any enquiries.

Land or development sites 

In the case of plots of land or development sites, most of the time you can show up at your convenience to assess the area. However, it’s advisable to read the listing and legal pack first to ensure that the land is accessible and does not require prior notice of your visit.

What to do on your viewing

Our initial viewings last for 30 minutes, so please ensure you arrive promptly. Viewings with one of our partner estate agents may be longer, but this will be specified before you arrive.  When you are at one of our auction properties, you are welcome to take pictures, notes, and measurements if you require them.

What to look for when viewing a property

As with any property, the following are things you may wish to look out for during your viewing as they can incur extra costs to correct. If any problems are known to us, they will always be mentioned in the legal pack that you can read before booking a viewing. If you identify any issues, such as those listed below, we recommend that you attend a second viewing with a surveyor who can inspect the property before you commit to buying.

  • Japanese knotweed
  • Damp
  • Mould
  • Infestations
  • Asbestos
  • Plumbing or guttering problems
  • Damaged roof
  • Recent renovations which may be hiding any cracks or mould patches
  • Subsidence
  • Crooked doors or misaligned frames
  • Problems with bordering properties or the immediate surrounding area
  • Boiler age and wiring age.

You are also encouraged to ask our accompanied viewer any questions whilst at your viewing, especially as some properties will not present any problems, but you may wish to know about the history of the property or nearby amenities. After all, you need to make sure that this purchase is right for you and your needs.

What to do after your viewing

If you’re satisfied with the lot after your viewing, you are welcome to place a bid on the property if it’s a Timed Auction or register for the Auction Event where the property will be sold. Don’t forget to undertake more research into the property of interest by reading the legal pack and investigating the local area. It’s also important to set out a budget and stick to it on auction day to ensure you have sufficient funds to complete the sale as well as any necessary repairs.

Auction property viewings…that was easy.