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A step by step guide to carrying out a proxy bid

You can carry out a proxy bid on any of the lots for sale in our national property auctions. This is where you authorise the auctioneer to bid on your behalf in line with the bidding in the auction up to your specified maximum amount.

Here’s our step by step guide to carrying out a proxy bid:

  • Submit your remote bidding form on our website homepage & select proxy bid
  • Please ensure you tell us the amount you are prepared to bid up to
  • You will receive an email from Credas within 30 minutes to request an online ID verification
  • You need to download the Credas app to your smartphone or tablet
  • We will request your payment details however no monies will be taken at this stage
  • You’re unlikely to hear from us again before the auction
  • However, we will contact you if something changes with your lot
  • If you wish to change the amount of your proxy bid, please contact us on 0121 233 5046 or remotebid@sdlauctions.co.uk
  • You must NOT submit another form to change your proxy bid amount
  • On auction day, the auctioneer will bid up to your maximum bid (if required)
  • He will continue to bid in relevant increments
    • so you will not necessarily pay the full amount you have stated
  • If you are successful, we will take any relevant deposit & fees
  • The monies will be taken from the payment details you supplied
  • We will then send the legal pack & contract for the lot to you & your solicitor
  • It’s as simple as that. If you have any problems call our friendly auctions team