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For Auction Events that are conducted behind closed doors, or where you are not able to attend the venue in person, bids may instead place a bid by telephone, internet or in writing (proxy) “Remote Bid”, on the following terms. These terms and conditions form part of the Buyers Terms (England & Wales), Buyers Terms (Scotland), Shepherd Buyers Terms (Scotland) and Knight Frank Buyers Terms, hereinafter referred to collectively as “Buyers Terms”. You should familiarise yourself with the relevant set of Buyers Terms applicable to the Lot before placing your bid.

1. To place a Remote Bid, the Bidder must first complete an authority form for the Lots involved and provide their payment details to us up front. Payment details are required to pay the fees and deposit that are relevant to the method of sale for the Lot.

2. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to check that the form is received by SDL Property Auctions and this can be done by telephoning the office.

3. We are required by law to verify the identity of our customers. Please refer to our Buyers Terms for more details on the checks that will be undertaken.

4. Please refer to our Buyers Terms for details of the applicable fees for each sale method.

Please refer to our Buyers Terms for details on how payment will be taken. At the point of submitting their Remote Bid, the Bidder shall be deemed to have read the relevant Buyers Terms, the particulars of the relevant Lot in the catalogue and the full legal pack, including the Special Conditions of Sale. The Bidder shall be deemed to have taken all necessary professional and legal advice and to have made enquiries and have knowledge of any announcements to be made from the rostrum and any of the addendum relating to the relevant Lot. The addendum can, and should, be checked by visiting our website www.sdlauctions.co.uk or at the Auction prior to bidding.

5. In the case of telephone bids, at about the time the Lot comes up for auction, attempts will be made to contact the Bidder by telephone and, if successful, the Bidder may then compete in the bidding through the Auctioneer’s staff. The Bidder accepts that such contact is at the Bidder’s risk.

6. In the case of internet bidding, all bidders who have registered can commence bidding when the intended Lot is being offered, however SDL Property Auctions do not take any liability or responsibility should there be any interruption or suspension of internet services.

7. The Bidder accepts that in the event that the telephone or internet link is not established, or breaks down, or there is any confusion or disruption, then the Bidder will not be able to participate in the Auction. The Auctioneer will not be held responsible for instructions or authorisations given to them which are unclear or incomplete and these bids will not be accepted. If it is impossible to obtain telephone contact or the link breaks down, the Auctioneer is authorised to continue to bid on behalf of the telephone bidder up to the maximum bid stated on this form. If internet connection is lost the Auctioneer is authorised to continue to bid on behalf of the internet bidder up to the maximum bid stated on this form.

In the case of written bids, SDL Property Auctions staff will compete in the bidding up to the maximum of the authorisation. If no maximum is inserted, SDL Property Auctions will not bid. SDL Property Auctions do not guarantee to regulate the bidding so that the maximum authorised bid actually falls to the written bidder.

8. SDL Property Auctions reserve the right not to proceed with a Remote Bid in the event of any error, doubt, omission, uncertainty as to the bid, or for any reason whatsoever, and give no warranty, or guarantee, that a bid would be made on behalf of the Bidder and accept no liability.

9. If Remote Bid accepted by the Auctioneer is the highest bid on the fall of the hammer, the Bidder will then be contractually bound to purchase the property. The Auctioneer will sign the Contract of Sale, Minute of Preference or Enactment, or Reservation Agreement as applicable on behalf of the Bidder. The applicable fees will then be due, as described in the relevant Buyers Terms.

10. Once delivered to the Auctioneer the authority to bid is binding on the Bidder up to 11pm on the day on which the particular Lot is auctioned. This is to allow for the possibility of a Seller agreeing to sell post auction where the bidding has not reached the reserve.

11. The authority can only be withdrawn by written notification via email received by the Auctioneer by 5pm the day before the Auction, or into the hands of the Auctioneer in the Auction Room half an hour before the start of that day’s auction. It is the Bidder’s responsibility to obtain a receipt of a copy of the withdrawal notification authorised by a representative of the Auctioneer. Without such a receipt the authority stands, and any successful contract is binding on the Bidder.

12. If the Bidder, or an agent, submits both a Remote Bid and also bids directly at the Auction without having previously withdrawn the Remote Bid authority, the Auctioneer is at liberty to accept such bid in addition to any bid from SDL Property Auctions staff as empowered under the Remote Bid authority. SDL Property Auctions would have no liability whatsoever if the price achieved is the result only of this competition in bidding without intervention from other bidders.

13. The receipt of a Remote Bid shall not in any way hinder the right of the Seller (or Auctioneer) to withdraw any Lot or to sell prior to auction to a third party, and neither the Seller nor SDL Property Auctions shall be under any liability to the Bidder in the event that the Lot is not offered at the Auction.

14. The Auctioneer may disclose to the Seller that a Remote Bid has been entered for the Property, but not the amount of the maximum bid.