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Often considered the capital of the North East, Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a city with a lot to offer. With a rich history and mix of traditional and modern architecture, Newcastle provides a picturesque backdrop for your perfect property. At SDL Property Auctions, we regularly host property auctions in Newcastle which prove popular with buyers and sellers alike. 

Selling at our property auctions in Newcastle

If you’re looking to sell your Newcastle-based property, we can help. Our North East team of property auction specialists can help you with the selling and marketing process, ensuring your lot grabs the attention of the most suitable potential buyers. Relying on years of experience selling properties by auction, we can guide you through each step of the process, from a free sales valuation to the exchanging of contracts.  

We’ve already successfully sold thousands of properties across the country, and our Newcastle-upon-Tyne property auctions are no different. Whether you’re ready to get started and get your lot listed in our Newcastle property auctions catalogue, or want to find out whether an auction is the right choice for your property, get in touch to chat with a member of our team. 

Buying at our Newcastle property auctions

Newcastle-upon-Tyne holds a whole host of opportunities for buyers, whether you’re looking for the perfect residential or commercial lot. Newcastle is a university city, home to two of the country’s most popular campuses – Northumbria University and Newcastle University. The city’s student culture makes it an attractive location for landlords and property developers. Plus the city hosts a vibrant nightlife, great shops and highly-rated restaurants, making it a desirable place to live if you’re looking for a property to call home.

Our Newcastle property catalogue features a wide range of lot types: residential, commercial, mixed use and land. Whether you’re a first time buyer looking for a budget-friendly home, a business owner trying to expand in the region or a property developer looking for your next potential-packed project, there’s something to suit all purposes and price points at SDL Property Auctions. The North East is known for its more than reasonable property prices, making Newcastle a much-desired location for buyers.

Need to know more?

Whether you’re already local to Newcastle or trying to decide whether this is the city for you, we can offer expert knowledge and advice, on both the city itself and the property auction process. We have many success stories from our Newcastle property auctions and auctions across the rest of the country. To find out more about the processes of buying and selling at auction contact our friendly team by calling us on 0800 304 7879 or emailing us at enquiries@sdlauctions.co.uk