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Apex Bridging loans – bid with confidence, borrow with ease

Fast, reliable, local property finance with great service

SDL Auctions has worked with Apex Bridging for many years – in this time our clients have been able to bid with confidence at our auctions and then borrow with ease with Apex Bridging.

If you’re looking to invest in any of our auction lots and are seeking funding, we recommend speaking to Apex Bridging to help arrange your short-term finance to complete the sale.

Buying at auction, especially for investment purposes, can often be a great alternative to buying through more traditional routes.  However, the speed of purchase is very different to the open market, therefore having reliable and straightforward funding is imperative.

Bridging the funding gap for property investors

If you’re successful with your auction bid, then you need to be fast and decisive with your funding. Usually, a successful bidder will pay 10% deposit on the day and will be legally required to complete the purchase with the balance of funds required within 28 days.  For those clients who are unable, for whatever reason, to complete using their own funds then bridging finance is the ideal solution – short term finance until a longer term solution is found.  Many auction clients use bridging finance to purchase whilst they are awaiting mortgages, or to add value via refurbishment before sale amongst lots of other reasons.

With many years’ experience in auction purchases and funding, Apex Bridging are an ideal partner for clients looking for a fast and reliable source of finance within a short window of opportunity. With quick, flexible turnarounds and an open minded approach to all types of residential investment property Apex Bridging can offer a service that many mainstream lenders cannot in an auction environment.

Apex offers high loan to values, specialist auction products and a fast decision either before or after the auction.

To learn more about their auction products, get in touch with Apex Bridging today on 01509 431066 to make your initial enquiry and discover how bridging finance at auction can help you secure your purchase with confidence.